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There are many options to consider when you need to get rid of a junk car. You may take the repair option, but this is usually too expensive, since your junk car will probably never be restored to top condition, and you will only incur losses.

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How to Donate Your Junk Car for Cash

Another viable option is donating your junk car. This alternative means that you won’t make any money. All you will receive is a tax receipt for the market value of your scrap car, which translates into savings when it comes to your taxes. Once you make the donation, the charity will most likely come to tow the car from you as you hand over the title. Another added benefit is that someone in need is going to get some use out of your junk car. You will also have peace of mind since you won’t have to deal with off-putting bargains. However, while the given IRS website where junk car donations are made gives details on how to file the paperwork, it does not provide comprehensive information on how to donate a car or even where you are supposed to donate it. Make sure that a charity checks out before making a donation since some corrupt charities take advantage of such opportunities.

Conversely, if you would prefer to sell your car, is the ideal place to sell it. With their main aim being to offer you a fair offer for your car, have made over a million offers on junk cars such as yours. Moreover, is an evolution of, a seasoned and trustworthy company that was established in 2007 which has made offers on collision cars, wrecked cars, late-model cars, trucks, and vans since it was founded.

Donating A Junk Car Near You has consistently displayed expertise in buying and evaluating damaged cars. They have been able to achieve this using an online pricing tool that uses information that you submit about your car to determine its value. These details provide are usually on car make, model, year, condition (area of damage, type of damage, mechanical and electrical problems), local market and location. This evaluation system is reliable and highly recommended. Other less desirable options include Kelley’s Blue Book, which is especially inaccurate when it comes to valuing a junk car, and the NADA guide, which is similarly biased. If you decide to sell to a local junkyard, you will be subjected to estimations of the value of your junk car, which is even worse.

Offers on junk cars from are instant. You will either get an offer online in less than 90 seconds, or you can expect a call shortly after you express interest in selling from one of the car buyers at Besides, the offer you will get is guaranteed. However, do not feel rushed or pressured into making a decision. Take your time and carefully consider the offer, and if it is good enough, you can take it. Unlike at local junkyards, you won’t experience delayed offers, disheartening bargaining techniques or pressure to sell at undesirable prices.

Should You Sell or Donate Your Junk Car?

The pick-up time for your junk car is anywhere within 24 to 48 hours if you take the offer. Your payment will be made by check during this time. also provide a free nationwide towing service, so there is no need of leaving the comfort of your home. During pickup, you will be expected to provide the car keys and a signed title. Do not worry if your title is in possession of a lienholder since will help you release it. It is of utter importance to transfer the title of your car to avoid liability. Beware of local junkyards that encourage you to sell your car without a title, since you will be charged for any activities your car is involved in even after you sell it. is aligned with partners who ensure that vehicle parts are recycled in the most environmentally friendly processes, in addition to being an active member of the Automotive Recycling Association and United Recycling Group. This is especially important considering the dire consequences of pollution resulting from careless recycling processes typical in local junkyards. One of the most concerning negative impacts on the environment directly resulting from such junkyards is seepage of vehicular fluids and heavy metals into the groundwater, which supplies drinking water for a huge portion of the population, resulting in contamination.

Getting Top Value Offers for Junk Car Donations has been consistently received high ratings on respectable sites such as Yelp, Google and TrustPilot. Reviews from satisfied customers are equally glowing. Therefore, if you need to sell your junk car, you can trust the reliable reputation of


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