Frequently Asked Questions

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How much do I have to pay to junk my car?

Our service is completely free from start to finish. From the online quote to the moment your car is picked up, you don’t pay a dime! There are no hidden fees that you have to worry about. If your car is in storage prior to being picked up though, you will be responsible for the storage fees, naturally.

How secure is it to sell my car online?

It is incredibly secure. For 12 years, we have been buying cars online. When you sell your car to us you get a legal purchase agreement The actual ownership of the vehicle won’t be officially transferred until the transaction is finalized. Plus, you don’t actually release your car until we’ve given you the payment for it.

Where do I start to get an offer?

You can start with a button found on our website called “Get an Offer”. Once clicked you can just fill out a few details about the vehicle you want to sell and within 90 seconds you will receive an offer. The offer will either be online or you will receive a call from one of our car evaluators.

How fast am I going to get paid for my car?

You will receive a check by the driver when he picks up your vehicle. There is also an option for you to have the check sent via mail if you so choose. So if you chose the first option then on average you will get paid within 24-48 hours. For the second option, we will send the check using an overnight mailing option. Now, the check might not get there in one day but typically it’s a maximum waiting time of 2 days.

How does an online car calculator actually work?

Our calculator uses a plethora of details to determine the value of your vehicle. Things such as the location of the car and the market for similar makes and models of the car. The damage on your car is also important, like where the damage is and what type it is. We also take into account if it’s electrical or mechanical damage. The demand for your type of car is also calculated into getting the value. Naturally, a newer car with slight damage will be worth much more than and car pushing two decades.

What documents will I need to provide?

The documents you will need are the car’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), for some cars we will ask for a signed photocopy or scan of your title, and a copy or scan of your driver’s license. Of course, you can cross out your driver’s license number and date of birth, while you don’t have to, the option is always there. The document we absolutely need in order for you to sell your car to us is the title of the vehicle. If there is no title then we cannot buy your car.

Will you buy my car if it has missing parts?

If there are minor pieces missing such as radio, bumper or headlight then that should be no problem. However, if a major mechanical component is missing like the engine or transmission then we will not buy the vehicle as it will not meet our standards of purchase.

How fast can I hear from your service?

You will hear back from us almost immediately. If you choose to get an offer online using our car value calculator then it will be instant. We can also give an offer over the phone which will be done almost as fast as the online offer.

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