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If you have ever had to get rid of a junk car, you know how hard it can be finding someone willing to buy it. A junk car is one that is too damaged to repair either as a result of an accident or just because it is too old.

It may still have many fully functional parts but the cost of getting such a vehicle back on the road is too much.

Keeping the car is not an option since it takes up valuable parking space and on top of that, such a car is an eyesore. However, finding a willing buyer for such a car has always been a tough task.

Most people end up selling the car for its scrap value to local junkyards who are known for making low ball offers.

But now, the whole process of selling your non running car has been made a lot easier and faster by If you have not heard of yet, we are a renowned car buying website that specializes in buying junk cars for much better prices than local junkyards..

Sell My Totaled Car for Cash Online

Can I junk my car near me? Can I junk my car today? Can I get cash for my junk car today?

These are some of the questions that inspired us to build Selling a junk car has never been easy, even though it is a much-needed service.

We created to provide a website where anybody with a junk car could get a fair price for it quickly. We buy all kinds of junk cars while putting into consideration their make, model, age, and other features that affect its value. Unlike local junkyards which will only pay you for the scrap value, we consider other valuable things in the car to give you a much better price for it.

For instance, if your air conditioning is still 100% functional, we will pay for that.

Who Buys Totaled Cars?

Step 1: Fill A Form

The first step is for you to log onto from a computer and smartphone. On the homepage, you will find a form which you are supposed to fill out with key details about your junk car such as the make, model, year of manufacture, and other details. It is important to provide truthful and accurate details at this stage.

Step 2: Receive Offer

Immediately after filling out the form, you will receive an instant offer from us for your vehicle. Sometimes it might not be instant but we will surely call you a few minutes later with a guaranteed offer for your junk car.

Step 3: Arrange Pickup

Once you accept our offer, we will arrange for an appropriate time for us to come to your desired location to pick up the vehicle. You must provide sufficient proof that you own the vehicle.

Step 4: Get Paid

Once you’ve accepted our offer for your junk car, it takes 24-48 hours for us to get to you to pick it up. When we finally get to you, we will tow away the junk car and leave you with the full payment for the car.

We Buy Totaled Cars Within 48 Hours!

1. A fast and easy process

To sell your junk car to, all you need is a laptop or smartphone to log on to the website to fill in the vehicle details. The whole process of visiting the website, filling out the form, and getting an offer takes just minutes and you don’t even have to leave the couch to do it.

2. We are junk car experts is more than a decade old and in the period we’ve been in existence, we have evaluated thousands of junk cars. Our vast experience puts us in pole position to give a fair valuation for your car quickly.

3. We have the best prices for junk cars

Unlike local junkyards, always considers the working parts in your vehicle that could be worth something. Our payouts are significantly higher than other junkyards.

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