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Where Can I Sell A Damaged Car? - What Are Places That Buy Damaged Cars for Cash? is a purchasing service of cars that are generally considered “unwanted". This includes damaged cars, old and worn out cars, vehicles with mechanical damage, and even cars that don’t run.

We’ve built an easy and seamless service designed to provide our customers with the best possible offer and an extremely convenient service for getting rid of their cars.

Where Can I Trade in A Damaged Car? - What's The Best Way to Sell A Damaged Car Quickly...

Many car owners with broken or damaged vehicles don’t know what to do with them after they have outlived their usefulness. Instead of throwing your wrecked car away and getting nothing in return, it’s much better to sell it to a dealer who can give you quick money in exchange for the vehicle.

What's The Value of My Damaged Car? - Can I Sell An Accident Damaged Car?

The best thing about selling your vehicle online is that it costs you nothing, and you can also sell the car from the comfort of your home. Here are some of the steps you need to take when selling your car to us:

I) Log into our website and fill out the available form with accurate information about your vehicle.

II) Provide proof-of-ownership for the used car and we shall schedule a pick-up for it immediately.

III) We’ll give you an instant check during the pick-up process.

Tips On Trading in A Damaged Financed Car - We Buy Damaged Cars As Is!

We are experts in buying and evaluating damaged cars

Our evaluators are fully certified and have years of experience checking the condition of different used vehicles, no matter the make or year of manufacture. Our evaluation process is thorough in order to ensure that you get the best deal for your damaged vehicle.

Guaranteed offer

Unlike other companies that may try to haggle over the price in an attempt to offer you lower rates, our offer is final and guaranteed and we never try to bargain with our customers for reduced payments.

Excellent rating and reputation

We have never disappointed our clients for the many years that we have been in business. In fact, most of them have positive feedback about us and recommend others who are asking how to sell my junk car for cash to use our services as well.

Free towing nationwide at the customer’s location

No matter your location within the country, we’ll still be able to reach you with our free towing service for unwanted vehicles. There’s no place, whether home or office, that’s too distant or remote for us to reach.

No pressure to sell

We never put any pressure on our customers to sell their damaged vehicles to us by having limited offers, which only expire after a short while. Instead, we allow you to take your time and consider the offer we propose which is final and unwavering.

Damaged Car Buyers Near Me - How to Sell A Damaged Car for Parts

Reasons why you should choose us over other traditional car selling methods:

  1. Most private car buyers aren’t interested in purchasing less-than-perfect-vehicles, or may only go for those that are still running and can be driven. However, WeBuyJunkCarsFast accepts all vehicles no matter their condition. If you’re wondering how I can sell my car to junkyard if it’s completely damaged, then we are the best solution for you.
  2. Local dealers don’t know how to accurately appraise damaged vehicles and may end up giving you lower rates than what the current market value for your used car really is. On the contrary, we work with a team of evaluation experts who can determine the exact price you need to be paid for the vehicle so that you don’t end up making a loss when selling it to us.
  3. Some local dealers may require you to repair your damaged car before presenting it to them, but this isn’t cost-effective as you may end up spending the same amount or even more than what they are willing to give you for it. As for us, we accept all vehicles no matter their condition and you don’t have to fix anything before selling it to us. Some might even consider it selling the car for parts.

We Buy Damaged Cars - Get Cash for Your Damaged Vehicle!

To summarize, WeBuyJunkCarsFast is a reputable online dealer of worn-out and broken down vehicles serving clients from all over the country. If you’re wondering how do I sell my car value without going at a loss then we are the best solution for you. We accept all types of cars no matter their state or condition and provide instant payment once your car has been appraised by our evaluators. For more information about our services and to request a quotation, kindly visit our site at

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