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You may ask: “Can I junk my car for $500 cash online?" and the answer is: Yes! Selling your old or damaged car has never been this simple. You can get money & don’t worry about that old clunker anymore. We’ll get you paid and take that old thing off your driveway before you can snap your fingers.

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How Much Can I Get to Junk My Vehicle?

A junk car is simply any vehicle that is too damaged to be economically viable to repair. The cost of repairing a junk car is much more than its remaining value. Although the term can also be used for old cars. Generally, the value of a junk car is equal to the value of the car’s weight in scrap metal. If you want to sell a junk car, the traditional method has always been to take it to local junkyards who buy cars and arrange for the sale there. While this can work, it is not the most efficient way of offloading that old vehicle of yours.

What do I need to Get Rid of My Car?

It takes time to take your vehicle to the location, negotiate with the owners, and coordinate logistics for the car. Alternatively, you can use an online junking service like our website to get rid of your vehicle.

By filling out a quick form & reviewing your offer, you can coordinate pick up & payment with one of our buyers from the comfort of your home with a quick phone call.

junk my car for 500 cash near me

How to Get Cash for Junking A Car With Us

Here are the steps you need to follow to get money for your clunker on our website:

1. Enter Your Vehicle’s Details

The first thing you need to do is go to our offer page and fill out a form outlining important details about your junk car such as the make, model, body style, year of manufacture, trim, and your location details. To avoid any problems later on, ensure the information you fill out is truthful and accurate. We rely on that information to value your car in order to make you a fair offer.

In some cases, we can give you an offer for your junk car instantly while other times you have to wait for us to call you shortly after submitting vehicle details with a guaranteed offer.

2. Accept Our Offer

If you like our offer, the next step is to accept it and we’ll schedule an appropriate time for the pickup. At this stage, you must provide sufficient proof that you own the vehicle.

3. Vehicle Pick-up & Removal

scrap my car for cash

We usually pick up the junk car in 24-48 hours. We deliver your payment during the vehicle pickup.

The whole process takes 48 hours or less to complete.

Get Money for Your Junker Quick

Even if your car is classified as a junk car, we know it is worth more than it’s scrap value. We have over a decade of experience in evaluating junk cars and we always give our clients a fair offer based on the vehicle’s make, model, condition, and any valuable components that may be left.

The entire process of selling your junk car to us generally is completed under two business days.

It’s a Quick and Easy Process


Tell us About Your Vehicle

Answer a few quick questions and provide a picture if you can.


Get Your Offer

In less than two minutes, you’ll have a guaranteed offer.



Accept the offer if you’re happy with it.


Get Paid

Within 24-48 hours, we will tow your car for FREE and pay you on the spot!

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What Is Your Junk Car Worth?

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