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The urgency to sell your junk car is not surprising, especially if you have had to deal with unwilling insurers, or you have reached your spending limit when it comes to costly repairs to restore it to top form.

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How to Trade in A Car With Body Damage

The trade in junk cars for cash is a thriving business, but not without its pitfalls. One of the largest drawbacks is phoney local junk car buyers who want to get the best deals, therefore offering you lowball offers, badgering you to take their quotes. If you cave in and sell, the junk car buyers will expect you to deliver your car to them.

This means that you will have to cover tow charges for the removal of your junk car. Selling to a scrap yard is relatively easier since all you have to do is to haul the scrapped car to the scrap yard, have it weighed and get paid. However, you will only be paid for the value of the scrap metal, which means you will make significantly less money. Furthermore, for scrapping to be effective, you need to drain the vehicular fluids, as well as remove the batteries in your car before having it towed.

Can You Trade in Cars in Bad Condition?

Your best option is to sell your car online via This is a company that has made a name for itself by making offers on over a million less-than-perfect vehicles. is associated with, which was founded in 2007. is a trading giant when it comes to junk cars, with its main objective being to offer you a fair market value for your junk car. With the convenience and reliability of, you don’t have to worry about dealing with junkyards and scrap yards that won’t offer you what you deserve.

Can You Trade A Car With Mechanical Problems?

You can trust to buy and evaluate your car since they are experts. Apart from considering factors such as make, model, condition, location and year of manufacture of your damaged car, they also account for special features you might have installed (leather seats, a functional sunroof). All these details will determine the value of your car, which is calculated using an online pricing tool that is accurate and unbiased, unlike Kelley’s Blue Book and the NADA guide, which can only be applied to top condition vehicles. This is the most desirable option, considering local junkyards often lack the know-how to precisely appraise junk cars, which means you will not be paid what your car is worth.

How to Get Cash for Cars With Engine Problems

Once you express intent to sell your car, the offer you will get from is instant. You will either get a call from the company or an online offer in less than 90 seconds. If you are not too sure about the offer, you don’t have to take it immediately, since has no intentions of pressuring you into anything. The offer is also guaranteed, therefore this is the exact amount you will receive if you go through with selling your junk car. is the place for you if you hate the haggling, sleazy offers and unwarranted pressure you are bound to experience when you sell to private buyers or junkyards.

Trade in Your Car With Transmission Problems will be at your doorstep in 24-48 hours to pick up your junk car if you are satisfied with their offer. This is also the time you will receive payment via a check, but only after you hand over the keys and a signed title and access to the car. Handing over the title to your car is for your own benefit and a key process when selling your car. Shady car buyers have been known to pile up ridiculous fees and charging it to the car seller, especially when the title is not relinquished, simply because they are still liable. work hand in hand with partners who ensure the recycling process of vehicle parts is conducted in an environmental manner. This is because they recognize the risk of acids (from batteries, degreasers, and solvents) and heavy metals (from leakage of motor fluids) seeping into the soil, leading to irreversible consequences such soil contamination and adverse effects on plants. also actively take part in Automotive Recycling Association and United Recycling Group.

Get Cash When You Trade in Your Car That Doesn’t Run

The reputation of in the junk car industry is unmatched, with happy and loyal customers who only have good things to say. have also received stellar ratings from legitimate sites such as Google and TrustPilot. Sell your junk car to for the best returns.

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