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Sometimes, getting rid of your old junk car seems more expensive than letting it gather dust in your garage. Just the towing fees could be worth more than the value of the car itself.

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Luckily, you do not have to get stuck with that old damaged car because of money. Towing your car doesn’t even have to cost you a dime. If you have been how to get rid of that junk car and get paid top dollar for it, is the answer to your prayers. At junk car masters, we buy junk cars!

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One of the best things about WeBuyJunkCarsFast is that it’s really quick and easy to sell your car to us. There’s no haggling over price. All you have to do is fill out a few basic details about your car into our online pricing tool, and we will give you an instant offer! Our pricing tool is super fast and efficient, and all the offers it gives you are absolutely fair based on the current market values. If you are happy with your offer, WeBuyJunkCarsFast will send a tow truck to you for free, complete with the full payment of your car.

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Most dealers don’t take in clunkers as a trade-in for new vehicles. This makes selling old cars really hard. With the option of selling to dealers out of the question, you are left with selling your broken car to a private sale. Disposing of a car that doesn’t run through private sales is nearly impossible. The duration you’ll take to sell will grow from weeks to months before a legitimate buyer comes around. Before then, truth is, you will have to deal with low ball offers from total strangers because buyers are not interested in buying cars that don’t run.

Other than dealing with low ball offers, you might also incur repair costs before you can get a private buyer for the car. This is definitely never cost effective. You must also be aware that most junkyards won’t take junk cars for $500 because they are not equipped to value your car correctly. Junkyards only deal with scrap vehicles and to add insult to injury, you have to foot the bill for towing your car to the junkyard.

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WeBuyJunkCarsFast goes above and beyond to make your work as easy as possible. Instead of only linking you with a handful of private buyers and local junkyards, connects you with a huge network of interested buyers from all over the nation. With such a network, getting top dollar for your junk car is absolutely easy. Our pricing system is also top-notch, with the ability to value your vehicle as per the market conditions while also including variables like optional extras, aftermarket upgrades, and trim level.

WeBuyJunkCarsFast doesn’t care whether your vehicle has a salvaged title, is damaged, or totaled, we will make you an offer on virtually any vehicle. It does not matter to us if your car has a seized engine, blown motors, dings/dents, serious body damage or bad transmissions; WeBuyJunkCarsFast will buy your car even if it can’t start.

Junking a Car is Easy - How to Get Cash for Cars Online Quick

A huge percentage of U.S. junk cars are very valuable, but their owners don’t know how to get that value from them. People often junk their cars for little money to scrapyards, but with WeBuyJunkCarsFast, things are different.

Scrapyards usually buy cars for their metal. This is why prices at scrapyards are low. They often don’t take your car’s value into account. To them, its all about the metal. Valuable parts like leather seats and other premiums go to waste. Taking your car to be junked over at the junkyard is just losing valuable money that should be in your pocket.

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At WeBuyJunkCarsFast, our offer is guaranteed. Our deals are straight forward and we will save you a lot of time and money that you would otherwise lose in garages, towing, bidding and bargaining, and doing all that legal paperwork on insurance. If you live in a state that has strict regulations on driving cars that don’t meet their emission standards, then visit and get rid of that junk car quick!

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