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There are many junk car buyers around you if you live near any city in the USA. Even if you don’t, there still may be a few junk car buyers. Here’s how to get the best price for your junker from the most reputable and highest paying places that buy junk cars.

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Do you get enough money to repair it, sell its parts to car dealers, or sell it as a junk vehicle? Selling it as junk might be your best option because it offers you a better return on investment.

What if your car has been in a crash?

If your car was involved in an accident, you might think to yourself; do I repair it? Or try to sell it to a junkyard near me? Often, repairing a vehicle that had been involved in an accident might be too costly when compared to the value of the car. The best option will be to exchange the junk car for top dollar.

Dealing with a damaged car is tough. You are probably still in shock from the accident that caused its damage, you have to eventually part ways with the car you love, and you have to find a new car – probably within a short period of time. With all these going on, making decisions on how to sell your car to a junk dealer could feel daunting because you might not know how to go about it. You’ll most likely feel lost and overwhelmed. We are here to help.

Get to know us:

We have been in the business of buying junk cars for the past 12 years, which gives us the market experience to evaluate and make the best deals to suit our clients. Over the years, we have made more than a million offers on wrecked cars, salvage cars, and late-model cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs. We buy non-running junk cars and junk cars that don’t run.

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Why you should sell your damaged car to us:

Unlike other local dealers, we know how to properly appraise wrecked or junk cars.

Most other the private car buyers are not interested in buying cars that are less-than-perfect or cars that don’t run, but we buy all junk cars no matter the degree of damage.

We evaluate the value of both the interior and exterior components of your junk vehicle, unlike other local dealers that place their offer on only metal value and don’t care about premium options such as leather or sunroof.

Who Offers Top Dollar for Junk Cars?

We offer a better return on investment because the real cost of repairing a damaged car is unknown until repairs have started. So exceeding your budget is very likely. Also, shops will assess storage fees; so, the best option will be to sell the car to us.

When you stick with the option of repairing, that might not be cost effective.

If the car doesn’t run, it might cost you hundreds of dollars in tow fees when looking for the right buyer for it.

There is constant haggling, low ball offers and pressure to accept offers from other dealers when trying to sell a scrap car.

A damaged car can occupy space for a long period of time, and you might waste time shopping around.

You might not be able to drive the car around if it doesn’t meet emission standards, so, it is better to sell it and replace it with a more functioning car.

How Can I Junk My Car at a Local Place that Buys Junk Cars?

Parting out a car is easier said than done. It can be time intensive and require some mechanical knowledge. After you sell the main components such as the transmission, interior, and engine, the rest of the car will sit for an unknown period of time. If you come to the decision to sell a junk car, it is likely that the parts of the car have no value and will not be worth repairing. Also, the vehicle might not be worth running through an auto auction yard if it isn’t worth much money.

Which is the best option?

The best option will be to sell your broken car for cash at We cover most areas of the United States. You can complete the process of selling your damaged car online without having to leave the comfort of your house by searching for our website to ‘sell junk cars near me.’

Talk to our professionals at Our online buying process is hassle-free, making it easier to turn that junk vehicle to quick cash without having to go through the stress of private buyers or the haggling of junkyards.


hat’s what we pride ourselves on, buying your junk car fast! From the very first offer, to the process of buying, and definitely for the junk car pick up. In fact, you can get a near-instant quote for your junk car online right now! Go ahead and try our tool for free.

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