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We all love our cars. They make it easy for us to move from place to place and can serve us for decades. However, our love for our cars is only existent when the car is working perfectly. Nobody ever wants to keep a car that cannot do the job it was made for.

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So when cars get totaled in an accident or become too old, the owners are always looking for the fastest and easiest way to get rid of it. However, getting rid of a totally damaged car is not as easy as it may sound.

Which Places Buy Junk Cars for Top Dollar in My Area?

If you decide to sell the junk car yourself, you could be putting yourself in a world of pain as it is almost impossible to find a person who is willing to purchase a car they know does not work.. Such buyers are there but finding them could take an eternity.

If you decide to take it to the local salvage yard, they will take care of it for you if they have space but you will have to accept their typically low offers. Junkyards are notorious for buying junk cars for the lowest price possible and disregarding anything else of value left in the car apart from the metal.

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If you want to sell junk cars for top dollar, the only, and best option you have is to sell to This is a renowned car buying website that has been providing fast and easy junk car buying services for more than a decade now. At, we have created a perfect system that takes the stress out of the junk car selling process and puts more money in your pocket.

History of was created back in 2007 when we noticed a huge gap in the junk car market. A lot of people had old damaged cars sitting in their garages and yards but nowhere to sell them. We created to be the place where anyone sell a junk car instantly regardless of their location. Over the years, we have grown to become the most reliable and highest paying junk car buying service.

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First, you need to go to our offer page on any internet enabled laptop or phone. On the website, there is a form provided where you are supposed to fill in the details of the car. Such details include its model, type of damage, age, current condition, and more.

Once you have submitted the form, it should take about a minute or two for our staff to make you an offer. I know you are probably wondering how we are able to give you a fair valuation for any car in such a short time. Well, our many years of experience have seen us evaluate hundreds of thousands of junk cars. We know what determines the value of junk cars and what to look for to arrive at a quick but accurate valuation based on the details you provide about the car on our form.

After you have accepted the offer, our team will start making arrangements for when to pick up the car, which should be within 48 hours. Upon pickup, we will pay you the agreed amount in full

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Get a cash offer for car instantly – it only takes a few seconds for us to make you a cash offer for junk cars once you fill out our form. No more waiting around or wasting time bargaining with someone who most probably won’t end up buying the car

We come to you – to us, it doesn’t matter where your junk car is. We are well equipped to come for your junk car right where it is. Say goodbye to having to pay expensive towing fees.

Fair price – we believe in fairness. We know you are desperate to sell but we won’t use it against you. Our valuation process is fair and inclusive of the scrap value of the car plus the value of any other working components in the car.

If you are looking for quick junk car removal for cash, visit today and fill the form.

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