Scrap My Car – How Much is My Car Worth in Scrap?

If you keep thinking “I want to sell my junk car" but are unsure of whether it would be more profitable to sell a junk car for parts or to sell your unwanted car in its current condition, you have found the right place to locate your answer.

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What’s The Value of My Scrap Car?

What are some of the major benefits of selling your selling your car to our friendly, experienced team? Firstly, you’ll be able to get cash for your car within 48 hours of visiting If you assumed that you’d have to visit our team, in order to have a member of our team inspect your car in order to make you an offer on your car, you’re wrong. We’ve streamlined our buying process and will make you an offer on your junk car online, without inspecting your car in person.

Within just a couple of hours of requesting an offer online, our team will make you an unbeatable, highly competitive deal. If you choose to sell your car for the price quoted, your car will be collected from your home within 24-48 hours. At which point you’ll receive payment for your vehicle, in full. So if you keep thinking to yourself “I need to sell my car“, we’ll be more than happy to make you an offer.

How Can I Get Cash for Scrap Cars Online?

You’ll also receive more money for your car than if you were to sell your car to a local junkyard. If you assumed that you can get a decent price for your junk car at a junkyard, think again. Most junkyards don’t care what model or make your car is and simply will try to estimate how much scrap metal they’ll get from compacting your car.

So even if your car is damaged, if parts of your car are still in working order, our team will be able to offer you a much higher offer, than the owner of your local junkyard. Who won’t care about properly appraising the value of your car.

One of the reasons why you can’t go wrong selling your car at is that our team has established a reputation for being honest, straight forward and trustworthy. So you can rest assured that the offer we make you, is a fair offer and that you won’t be likely to get a better offer by shopping around.

Is It Better to Junk or Scrap My Car?

So if you don’t want to conduct business with a fly by night company it’s well worth visiting As you won’t have any trouble finding dozens of flowing online reviews from our past clients.

If you’re still considering trying to repair your damaged car, instead of selling your car, keep in mind that if you attempt to repair a highly damaged car, there is always a chance that the price which your mechanic quotes you, will be less than the price which you’ll actually be billed.

So if you don’t want to run the risk of wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars on repairing an outdated car, do yourself a favor and get in contact with our team, in order to request a quote. As its a far wiser idea to put the money which you’ll get towards buying a newer model car.

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As another benefit of selling your unwanted car, you’ll be able to free up much needed extra space in your garage. That you’ll be able to use to park another vehicle or to turn into a home gym.

Another reason why you may want to consider selling your car for cash is that you won’t have to pay an exorbitant amount of money to have your car towed. As our team will be more than happy to pick up or tow your car from your home, which is incredibly convenient. So if you don’t want to spend over a hundred dollars to get your car towed away, you’re in lucky.

So if you convinced that selling your junk car is a great idea, it’s well worth visiting, to see how much money your old, damaged car could be worth.

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