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It’s just an eyesore. Your old, broken-down, beat up rattletrap isn’t good for anything anymore. You’re wondering, “How much can I get to junk my car?”, but the answer isn’t as clear as you thought. With We Buy Junk Cars Fast, you can get top scrap car prices with no hassle and with very little time.

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How to Go About Selling A Car That Doesn't Run

When you’ve decided it’s time to say goodbye to your wreck of a car, it doesn’t mean that you have to give it away. Every vehicle has value whether it’s to resell it for someone to drive or fix up, or to sell it for scrap. If you’re reading this, you’re probably leaning towards scrapping it, aren’t you?

You can get rid of your junk car easily enough. There are plenty of places that will buy it from you. However, assessing a clunker’s value isn’t as easy as you might hope. To get a price that’s fair, you’ll need to know what your car’s true value is in its current state.

What Places Buy Cars That Are Not Running?

You can’t use Kelley Blue Book or NADA Guides alone to evaluate scrap car prices. The simple fact of the matter is that no one has an unbiased scrap car value calculator. Car valuations are all based on the assumption that your car is drive-able and in half-decent shape. Selections don’t include junk cars.

For scrap car prices, these four factors are the most important in determining your car’s value.

Year – Newer vehicles can often command a higher price from junk car buyers, especially if it still has a clean title. No matter how rough their condition, the buyer can try to fix it up and resell it while comparable models still have higher values. But if your car is older than 10 years, its age doesn’t factor into the equation as much.

Make and Model – Again, cars under 10 years old, the make and model can make a significant difference in the price you get. It’s because the good used parts might be stripped off and resold. But if it’s older, the make and model aren’t usually going to help.

Mileage – Whether you have a newer vehicle or an old one, mileage makes a difference. High-mileage models don’t carry much value at all regardless of age. But a low-mileage engine on a common vehicle in running condition can boost your car’s worth, especially when you look for the best prices for junk cars.

Condition – The most important factor for getting high scrap car prices is its current condition. Bashed-up, wrecked cars will always net lower prices than the same year, make, and model in better condition, even if the mileage is higher.

How Can I Sell My Non Working Car?

There is no shortage of places willing to buy your scrap or junk car, running or not. Very few of these options are going to buy your car in the traditional way. That means Craigslist or Autotrader aren’t going to be your best option – virtually no car buyer on these sites wants junk cars.

There are two main buyers for scrap cars near you. You’ll find scrap car buyers are either junkyards or online car buyers. You’ll be able to get cash either way, but which way gets you the most coin?

How to Trade in A Non Running Car for Cash

How much do you get for junking a car with scrap or junkyards? The answer usually isn’t found in the make, model, or condition. It’s nearly always based on your vehicle’s weight. Whether it’s a luxury car in perfect shape except for a blown engine or an older car that’s been totaled in an accident, the only factor is how much it weighs on the scale.

junk car money

The current scrap price per ton is what you’ll get from the junkyard. For a common vehicle around 3,000 pounds, you can expect to get between $200 and $350 from the junkyard. But that doesn’t factor in other costs like draining your fluids or the tow to the junkyard – both costs you’ll have to pony up.

In the end, you might only net $100 for your junk car.

How to Find the Highest Paying Buyers for Cars That Don’t Start

If you’re smart about it, selling a junk car online can easily get you better value than scrap car prices. They aren’t based on your car’s weight but on its merits. The year, make, and model, along with the options it has and its mileage factor in. Of course, its condition is a major factor too.

Overall, you can get higher prices from online car buyers than a junkyard if you play your cards right.

We Buy Cars That Don't Run

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