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How Much Can I Sell A Junk Car in Bad Condition For?

Sell Your Car in Bad Condition

Each year, it is estimated that 27 million cars reach the end of their useful lives around the world. Some simply wear out. Others are severely damaged in an accident or have terminal mechanical issues like a blown engine or transmission. If you have a vehicle nearing the end of its useful life, is it possible you can sell a car in bad condition? What is the best way to sell a junk car? What can you expect to sell a junk car in bad condition for?

Your Options are Limited

The fact is, if you want to sell a junk car, buyers are limited. Individual, private buyers have little interest in damaged vehicles, let alone cars in bad condition. Car dealers also have little interest in less than perfect vehicles and do not know how to properly appraise them. This, for the most part, leaves a junk or scrapyard as the only option. The problem with these options is that you may still have to pay for towing and a junkyard will likely only pay you scrap metal prices on a per pound basis for your car. You may be fortunate to come away with two or three hundred dollars.

That’s why we’re here.

How to Sell My Car in Bad Condition at the Best Price

We Buy Cars With Damage

We are the modern, convenient, efficient and safe way to sell a car in bad condition for the best possible price. We are experts at evaluating cars in poor condition, no matter how damaged they may be. Perhaps best of all, we buy damaged and non-running cars right online.

Here’s how it works:

  • On the top right corner, fill out our online quote request form.
  • Tell us about your vehicle, including its options and after-market add-ons.
  • You’ll get a guaranteed offer for your vehicle within minutes.
  • Once accepting our offer, we’ll pick up and pay for your vehicle, often within 24-48 hours!

We will even cover the cost of towing. This is the hassle-free way to sell damaged cars at the best possible price. There’s no dealing directly with junkyards, no negotiating and no reason to even leave your home! Just remove your license plates, personal items and have your keys and registration ready. You can have confidence in dealing with a company that has made over a million online offers nationally. We work with environmentally-conscious partners who recycle vehicles. We are even active members of the Automotive Recycling Association and United Recycling Group.

Get the Most for Your Car in Bad Condition

Don’t wait. Discover just how much your broken car in bad condition is worth. Fill out our no-obligation form. If you accept our guaranteed offer, we’ll make arrangements to pick up and pay for your vehicle at your home or place of work. In just days your junk car problem is resolved and you have extra money in your pocket.

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