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Your car has given you enough trouble. It’s time to consider your options for getting rid of it.

Selling a used car for a fair price is one of the best outcomes. Many retailers offer assistance to make it easy to sell your old car and maybe get a new one. But can you do the same thing with a broken-down car? Who is willing to even buy one? And, how much can you get for a vehicle that is past its prime?

Most drivers are not interested in purchasing an automobile that needs work. This is especially true for cars that aren’t even running. Fortunately, it is possible to get rid of your damaged car and get a fair price for it. Read on to learn how.

What is a Damaged Car Worth?

To you, your yard-stranded, broken car is not worth much. It can’t do its basic function of transporting you where you need to go. Moreover, it’s probably eating away at your pockets because of the insurance you must still pay on it. Really, your damaged car is pretty useless.

However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be valuable to someone else. In fact, various drivers, retailers, and businesses are looking for broken-down cars just like yours. This means that you can, indeed, get money out of a seemingly useless automobile.

But before you try to sell it to anyone, you need to find out how much your car is worth. This way, you’ll know if you’re being low-balled or scammed by potential buyers. Knowing your vehicle’s value will help you get the most bang for your buck.

Determining Your Broken Car’s Value

On the bright side, you know you can make money off your damaged car. But on the contrary, it is difficult to determine how much. Even calculating an estimate is tricky.

That’s because you have to take so many factors into account. Many of which you don’t have easy access to such as market trends and the current demand for your specific vehicle.

Kelley Blue Book is one of the best resources for determining a used car’s value. Unfortunately, KBB is still not enough to find out the right price to sell your car. That is because KBB doesn’t specialize in damaged or junk used cars. So, you will be missing many important details that add value to your vehicle.

In order to get a more accurate estimate of your vehicle’s worth, you will have to call many mechanics, auto body shops, and private sellers as well as utilize sites like Kelley Blue Book. This will take a lot of time and effort and still leave you confused about how much your junk car is really worth.

Who Will Buy A Broke-Down Car?

Although you have no use for your damaged vehicle sitting in your garage, many other people do. This is great news because you have a variety of potential buyers.

Private Buyers

A lot of hobbyists, mechanics, and schools purchase damaged vehicles and fix them up. Others purchase these kinds of cars to part out and make money from the parts. Whatever the reason, many regular drivers want to purchase broken-down cars.

You can find them on forums or online marketplaces like eBay. You might also be able to visit a mechanic or auto body shop to advertise your junk car.


Junk and salvage yards are also great places to sell a damaged car. These are often the final destinations of many cars once they reach the end of their lives and cannot be repaired further.

A junkyard will purchase the salvage metals of your vehicle based on its weight. The heavier the car, the more you can earn. But, if your car has more rust than metal, you will receive less.

Dealerships and Retailers

Many dealerships and other vehicle retailers will also buy your junk car. They usually fix up old cars that need repair before reselling. So, your automobile can be profitable for them.

Unfortunately, you’re not likely to get a good deal with these buyers. More often than not, they give offers that are below market price. While you can sell your car easily and quickly at a dealership, you will not be getting what you deserve for it.

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