How to Get the Scrap Value of Your Totaled Car Fast

After an accident, the last thing you want to hear from your insurance company is that your car is totaled. That is to say, the amount it would cost to repair your car isn’t worth it compared to its value. You’re going to need to make some money from your car to put toward a new one when the time comes.

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Many drivers in this position find themselves overwhelmed, but you don’t have to be. You’ll just need to follow a few easy steps and you’ll be able to sell your totaled car more quickly and for more money than you may expect.

A good place to get started is to find an approximate value of your totaled car. Since your car isn’t in running condition, you won’t be able to use traditional tools to find the market value. Instead, search your car’s make and model on auction sites to find how much cars with similar damage are selling for. Keeping this value in mind will give you a helpful jumping off point while shopping for quotes. Remember that the value of scrap cars also varies regionally and based on how metal markets are doing, so do your research close to the date you’d like to sell and try to search auctions in your region.

Step One

The first step of this process applies specifically to drivers who have had their cars officially declared “totaled” by their insurers after filing an accident claim. If you’re looking to get rid of your car because you’ve determined it’s not worth fixing yourself, you can skip ahead to step two.

Step one in making money off of your totaled car is to buy your car back from your insurance company. When your insurance company says your car is totaled, they buy your car from you to sell at auction and send you a check for the value of your car after your deductible. This process is known as “making you whole,” and it’s one of the most important responsibilities your insurer has to you.

What many drivers don’t know is this isn’t their only option. You’re allowed to buy your car back from your insurer, at which point you’ll receive your car with a salvage title and a check for your car’s value minus the deductible and the amount they’d make selling it at auction. While this means less money from your insurance company, having your car and its title will make you more money very quickly. Salvage titles are car titles with a special designation indicating they can be sold to be taken apart for salvage but not to be used on the road.

Step Two

Once you’ve got your car and salvage title back from your insurance company, you’ll be ready to shop for quotes to sell your car. Remember that selling a totaled car is different than selling a car in good working order. The more you know about your car’s mechanical condition, the better suited you’ll be to negotiate should you choose to sell privately. More than likely, you’ll be selling to a junkyard.

Keep in mind car salvage is a specialized skill. Some disreputable businesses or buyers are willing to take advantage of the average driver’s lack of knowledge to lowball them. There are a few ground rules you should maintain when picking a buyer. Never transport your car to a separate location to receive a quote, and make sure your quotes are guaranteed and include towing. Never accept deferred payment or work with businesses willing to buy cars without titles, or who offer to transfer your title at a later time.

If calling all of your local junkyards sounds tedious or you’re concerned about scam risks, you’re in luck. Online tools have made selling your car from your own home a safe and easy option! specializes in totaled or badly damaged cars, meaning we’re prepared to offer the best and fairest price for your vehicle. We only work with reputable scrap yards in your area, guaranteeing your sale is safe.

Step Three

All there’s left to do is accept your quote and make your sale! At all we’ll need is pictures of your car and its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to get you a free guaranteed quote in 90 seconds. Towing is always on us, and quotes are good for seven days. We schedule towing at your convenience and can usually arrange towing within 24-48 hours of accepting your quote – meaning you can have your car sold in just days. Our professional drivers will assure you sign over your title in person and pay you before your car is towed away.

Congratulations! You’ve turned a stressful situation into money in your pocket to get you back on the road in a newer, safer car.

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