What Paperwork Do I Need To Junk My Car?

Junking a car isn’t hard, but you do need documentation to complete the process safely and legally. Learn what’s required and how WeBuyJunkCarsFast makes the process simple.

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If you’re getting ready to scrap your car, congrats! You’re making the most environmentally friendly decision with your junk car and you’ll be getting money to do so. But, you may be wondering what documents are needed to recycle a car.

An unexpected bonus when junking your car is the necessary paperwork is actually pretty minimal! Read on for your car-scrapping checklist and get on the road to a cash payment for your junk car.

Gathering Your Documents

Gathering Your Documents

Regardless of your car’s condition, you deserve to be paid its fair market value. The tricky part about junk cars, though, is figuring out what that fair value is.

While it can be difficult to ascertain the value of your car yourself, especially given the number of factors impacting the value of junk cars, there are tools available to make an estimate easier to pinpoint. Your first option is to look at car auction sites for cars of your make and model with similar damage and see what they’re selling for.

You can also gather any mechanic’s records you may have detailing damage or improvements to the vehicle. This will help you answer questions about your car when shopping for quotes. You may wish to have a mechanic inspect the vehicle and provide you with a report if you haven’t been to a mechanic in a while or don’t have information available, but this is entirely optional.

Beyond these optional documents, you will need one absolutely necessary thing: your car’s title. While it’s technically possible to sell without one in some cases, doing so can pose a major financial threat to you down the line. The title of a vehicle provides legal proof of who owns and is liable for a car — meaning who can sell it and who is responsible for it should it incur fees or damage.

Selling your car without a title opens you up to the possibility of being scammed. If your car is purchased by an untrustworthy buyer without a title, that buyer may then store your car for an indefinite amount of time and later pursue you for storage fees. Because the car is still legally in your name, you’ll have little to no recourse and be liable for those fees.

Getting A Replacement Title

Getting A Replacement Title

If your title is missing, don’t worry! Applying for a new one from your local DMV is easy, and should require only basic information about yourself and your vehicle available on your license, registration, and the car itself. You should get your copy in a week or two once you’ve applied, and you’ll have all you need to sell your car.

Selling your car to local junkyards is, of course, an option. However, the process of calling each scrapyard in town and answering the questions repeatedly to get and compare quotes can be tedious! Plus, title scams are unfortunately not the only risks out there. To protect yourself from scams and sell your car quickly, you should sell online! WeBuyJunkCarsFast are experts in cars just like yours and will pair you with reliable buyers in your area looking to pay top dollar for scrap cars.

Sell Your Vehicle With WeBuyJunkCarsFast

Sell Your Vehicle With WeBuyJunkCarsFast

WeBuyJunkCarsFast are experts in the junk car industry. We can walk you through the process of selling your car, getting a replacement title, scheduling your pickup and getting paid. You can get a quote in just 90 seconds, and schedule your free pickup in as little as 24 hours!

All our offers are guaranteed for seven days, giving you time to think it over. Additionally, we work with a nationwide network of junk car buyers to help figure out what your vehicle is worth, ensuring that you get a fair price for your car in any condition.

Title transfer and towing are always included in our offers — you won’t pay anything to use our service. Best of all, we come to you and hand you your payment on the spot, so you won’t have to worry about any long delays. Sell your car for cash today with WeBuyJunkCarsFast.

Do You Need A Title To Junk A Car?

Your title is the most important document you’ll need when junking your car. The title provides legal certification of who owns and is legally responsible for a vehicle. That means it also legally certifies who is permitted to sell the car at all. Transferring your title properly when you sell your car, even when junking it, protects you from being held responsible for whatever happens to the car once it’s out of your hands.

If your title is missing, ordering a copy from your local DMV isn’t difficult. Take the time to obtain your title before junking your car.

What Do You Need To Junk A Car?

The two most important things are your car, obviously, and its title. The title gives you permission to sell the car, and transferring it guarantees your sale is complete and safe.

To get ready to junk a car, you’ll start with the car itself. Make note of its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the 17 digit number you see when you look in the windshield. This will help identify your individual car and obtain accurate quotes. You should also take photos of your car, including any damage, for the same reason.

As far as documentation, you’ll only really require your title. If your title is missing, contact your local DMV about receiving a new one. You may also wish for mechanic’s reports on any damage to the vehicle or estimated repair costs to help answer questions and determine the car’s value.

To sell your car online with WeBuyJunkCarsFast, all you’ll need is your pictures, and VIN to get a free quote in just 90 seconds. With your title, you can have your car sold and picked up in as little as 24-48 hours.

What Paperwork Do You Need To Scrap A Car?

It may be helpful to have an estimate of repair costs from your insurance company or mechanic available, or a mechanic’s report if you’ve had your car recently inspected. These documents will help you answer questions and ensure the quote you receive is accurate.

The only document that’s absolutely required when scrapping your car, though, will be your title. The title of your car certifies that you own it, are legally liable for it, and are allowed to sell it. Transferring the title properly when you sell your car for scrap frees you of any future liability for the car once it’s no longer in your possession.

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