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If you’ve got a totaled or junk car sitting in your driveway, you probably want it gone fast. You probably also know that selling it privately wouldn’t be easy, and trading it in won’t save you much at all on your next ride.

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Despite the moniker, “junk” cars are anything but. For the average car sold to a junkyard, 80 percent of it is recyclable or reusable. With 12 million cars being recycled each year, it’s no wonder the auto recycling industry is one of the largest and fastest-growing in the United States.

The “Greenest” Choice for Your Old Car

It’s no secret that cars can present a major environmental impact. When you consider how much space a single car would take up at a junkyard, and how many people need to get rid of their cars every year, it becomes obvious that recycling is the only way to go. Plus, the proper recycling process ensures all the corrosive chemicals that once kept your engine running don’t contaminate the soil or water.

Did you know that after your car has been recycled and its non-recyclable bits have been melted down, you’d be able to hold what’s left in your hand?

When a a car is recycled, the first step is removing all of the parts that can be resold. After all, cars are extremely complicated machines. The damage required to land a car with a salvage title rarely extends beyond a particular system or area.

Parts such as your side mirrors, windows, tires, transmission, and more will all find their way into the hands of other drivers. Buying used car parts saves money and the environment by reducing the demand for newly manufactured components.

How To Pick A Scrap Yard

Being honest, most of us probably don’t have the knowledge-base to guess just how much a scrap car is worth. That shouldn’t mean that the average driver should be concerned about whether they’re getting an honest evaluation for the value of their vehicle when they take it to be recycled.

Unfortunately, as with any business, there are some disreputable junkyards out there that will attempt to take advantage of potential customers. The good news is that many junkyard scams operate similarly, meaning you can recognize one if you know what to look for. There are also practices any reliable scrap yard should have in place to protect customers and give them the best, easiest sale possible.

When looking for a scrap yard, find one that:

Gives you a free quote over the phone — A knowledgeable junkyard can gather information from you by phone or email about your car and offer you a quote that way. The more you know about your car, the more accurate your quote will be.

However, the amount you’re paid should never be way lower than the quote you’re originally given. That’s a sign of the common “bait-and-switch” scam where junkyards will surprise you with a lower payment and hope you’re too frustrated to dispute it.

Offers free towing — You shouldn’t have to pay for your vehicle to be towed, and a tow driver should never demand payment from you upon pickup.

Gives you your check up-front — You should be compensated before your car is attached to the hook of the tow truck.

In addition to these requirements, be wary of these scams:

“No-value” quote — This scam is exactly what it sounds like. A junkyard will tell you your car has no value, but they’ll offer to take it off your hands as a “favor.” Don’t be fooled! Even the rustiest, bent up old junk car has value as scrap.

Deferred or alternative payment — Be wary if a business offers you a check in the mail without a good reason. As reputable junkyards pay up-front, a check offered late may be a check that never comes at all. Unless you require payment sent through the mail for personal reasons, you should be offered the payment on the spot when you sell your car.

Additionally, some scrap yards have also been known to offer “alternative” payments that are worthless or wind up costing customers money. This may include prize or vacation vouchers that can never be redeemed or that have strange fine print.

Purchase without title or transferring the title later — The title of a car is its proof of ownership. Basically, it gives permission to the person named on the title to sell the car, as well as indicates who is legally responsible for whatever may happen to that car.

One of the most alarming scams junkyards may engage in is one where they either buy a car without a title or don’t ask the seller to sign over the title. After this, the seller believes they’re rid of their car, but in reality, it’s still very much their responsibility.

Then, the junkyard is able to find the owner months later for backed up “storage fees.” These debts may even go to collections and influence their credit, and generally can’t be disputed since the title was never properly transferred out of the seller’s name.

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