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There are many reasons you might decide it’s time to get rid of your old car. Sometimes the reason is obvious, like an accident or major mechanical failure. Other times, it may take a while to realize you’ve been going to the mechanic way too often or that your car’s not performing the way it used to.

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Whatever the case may be, many drivers find the excitement of getting a new car may be dampened by the process of selling their old one.

Traditional methods of selling a used car are still available, but most of them won’t make you the money you deserve for your car. When cars are brought into dealerships as trade-ins, the dealership will either sell the car on its used model lot or it will sell the car at auction.

Only newer cars in good condition find their way back to the dealership lot, leaving most drivers receiving just the compensation for what their car might make at auction. That ends up being far below its fair market value.

Depending on its condition, selling your car privately may also be difficult. Beyond managing your own listing, you’ll also need to do your own negotiation, test drives, and arrangement of towing and title transfer.

If your car is in particularly rough shape, this may take a while or even require you to find a buyer licensed to purchase salvage vehicles. Licensed junkyards are also good contenders to buy your junk car, but calling around every scrap yard in town for a quote can be exhausting and leave you vulnerable to junkyard scams.

Did you know there’s now an easier way than any of these methods? You can sell your car online, no matter its condition! Read on to learn why selling your car online is the safest and easiest option, and for an easy guide on how to do it.

Why Junk Your Car?

Terminology aside, your car is far from being junk, even if it can’t drive anymore. No one knows that better than junkyards. “Junking” your car is a colloquial way to refer to recycling it. That makes junking your car the most environmentally friendly decision, as well as the best one for your wallet.

When your car is recycled, it goes through a step by step process where it’s stripped down and all resellable, recyclable, and non-recyclable parts are separated. Any hazardous materials such as fluids in the engine are drained and safely disposed of.

The parts of your car that are still working will go on to sell at a discount of between 20 and 80 percent for other drivers looking for a bargain on their repairs. Parts such as metal, glass, and rubber are melted down to be reused elsewhere. The rest, compressed into an object no larger than your hand, is disposed of in your local landfill.

Why Sell Online?

Selling online is the simplest and safest option! WeBuyJunkCarsFast.com does all the work of finding a buyer and arranging your sale for you, saving you the hassle of finding quotes and vetting potential buyers for safety.

When you use WeBuyJunkCarsFast, you’ll get a guaranteed quote in just 90 seconds. We only work with trusted buyers in your area, ensuring your sale is safe and local. Towing and title transfer is always on us, and towing can be scheduled whenever is most convenient for you.

We can schedule your free pickup within 24-48 hours. Selling online is not only safer, but we can have your car sold and money in your hands in just days!

How To Sell

Selling your car with WeBuyJunkCarsFast couldn’t be easier. To prepare, you’ll just need to do two things. First, make sure you’ve got your title ready. Proper title transfer is necessary for a safe, legal, and complete sale. If you can’t find yours, don’t worry. Just apply for a copy from your local DMV.

Next, you’ll need to have a quick photoshoot with your vehicle. Take a number of clear pictures of your car from a variety of angles.

While you’re at it, write down your car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). If you’re not sure where to find it, look on the driver’s side of your windshield for the 17 digit number. That’s all you’ll need to prepare!

Next, go onto WeBuyJunkCarsFast.com and upload your pictures and VIN. Wait 90 seconds and you’ll have a guaranteed quote! Schedule your free pickup at a time and date that works for you.

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