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Is It Tough to Find People Who Buy Junk Cars?

In the market today, there are ways to sell all types of vehicles. It isn’t the expensive luxury cars that are hardest to sell – it’s the junk or salvage cars! Few car buyers are looking for a vehicle in undrivable, unreliable condition, naturally.

Haggling on Price

You might say, “Anyone who buys junk cars near me won’t make a fair offer!” That’s probably true – junk car buyers need to ‘steal’ it, or underpay, to make it worthwhile. Expect anyone who looks at your car to haggle on the price, offering you way less than you’ve advertised it for. Those negotiations take time, and that’s a resource you don’t have.

Private Buyers Want a Certified Car

The market is limited for people who buy junk cars. If you’ve been trying to sell a car in rough condition, one that doesn’t drive, you know it’s true. Few people want to buy a car that they can’t get behind the wheel and drive away.

Private car buyers are looking for cars with state inspections complete and certified so they can insure and drive them. A junk car? It’s not likely that’s going to happen. If it can ever be put back on the road, it’s going to take fistfuls of cash and more time than it’s worth.

Expensive to Fix a Junk Car

Instead of selling it, you may think about fixing your junk car and driving it again. But that’s not a worthwhile venture either. You’re looking for a fast solution and a car that needs lots of repairs isn’t going to help. Plus, the cost of repairs is probably higher than the vehicle’s worth. It’s called putting good money after bad.

How to Find Local Companies that Buy Junk Cars

Your best option is to sell your vehicle to local junk car buyers. You can turn your vehicle into cash quickly, but how do you find places that buy junk cars for top dollar near me?

Call Local Auto Junk Yards

The most common ways to find car junk yards? It’s through phone listings and Google search results. In both cases, you’ll need to do some legwork to find the best option for you.

Auto junk yards typically don’t advertise how much they pay for junk cars. Every vehicle is different and has unique options and features, but they don’t care about those things. Most auto junk yards and salvage yards are concerned about turning vehicles into raw steel for recycling. They’ll pay based on your car’s weight, and that’s only settled once it arrives on their industrial scale. You’ll have to get your vehicle there. The average auto salvage yard will take almost any vehicle as long as you bring it in. Another option is for your vehicle to be towed, and that cost will be taken out of the price they pay for your car.

They have you over a barrel. There’s a chance the junk yard will make you an offer over the phone, then lower the offer when your vehicle arrives. Or, they could take their time paying you out for your vehicle, dragging their feet processing the paperwork. Once you’ve made the deal, there’s nothing you can do but wait.

Deal with

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