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When you’ve got a junk car you’re ready to get rid of, the first option you’re likely to think of is “sell it ASAP!”

A completely viable option, but where exactly do you sell a junk car and, furthermore, who even buys junk cars?

What Places Accept Junk Cars?

When deciding how to get rid of your junk car, it’s helpful to know the options available to you:

Donating Your Car

Donating your car might seem like the altruistic thing to do; after all, you’d get rid of the car while getting all the feel good factors of helping someone out, right?

Well, not entirely. If your goal is to make some sort of profit from your junk car, then donating should obviously not be the route you want to take.

Additionally, donating a junk car is a bit counterintuitive—who can drive a car that’s been classified as junk, anyways?”

Parting Out The Car

Parting out your vehicle is another viable method to sell your junk car. Keep in mind that a car has an average of 30,000 different parts.

Furthermore, you likely don’t have the working knowledge to disassemble a whole vehicle, space to store the individual parts, and patience to sell them in order to gain profit.

Scrapping The Car

Scrapping your junk car exists as an option as well. Salvage yards will break your junk car down to its components and sell any usable parts to automotive companies or car enthusiasts.

Their profit comes from the sale of these components as well as the price of scrap metal, so what they offer is wholly dependent on the price of metal in the global scrap market.

Take It To A Junkyard

The final option for offloading your junk car is to sell it. Junkyards in your area should be ready and willing to purchase your junk car.

Junkyards, however, offer low payouts for junk cars; their entire business model is dependent upon buying low and selling high, so they want to pay as little as possible for your junk car.

Furthermore, the junkyard can change their mind at the last moment, haggling you down to a lower price than first agreed upon.

Sell It Privately

Private buyers also exist as an option to sell your junk car to. Private buyers include people like hobbyists, who are ready to purchase a junk car for a multitude of reasons.

Be warned: finding private buyers can take a long time and they are inclined to haggle you down from whatever your asking price is.

All of these options present their own drawbacks. Whether that be a lack of profit for you or just too much time invested in the sale of a junk car, they can all become overly complicated and unattractive.

So what are you supposed to do?

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What’s A Place That Can Take My Junk Car?

WeBuyJunkCarsFast specializes in less-than-perfect vehicles like your junk car.

You won’t have to go back and forth with any junkyards or wait for a would-be junk car hobbyist to find your ad; with a few bits of information, our customer service representatives can provide you with a quote for your vehicle within 90 seconds.

Should you accept the quote, they will connect you with one of our local service partners within your area.

Our partner will schedule a retrieval of the vehicle with you within 24-28 hours, completely free of charge. Once the retrieval occurs, the tow truck driver will place the quoted amount in your hands.

No hassle. No hussle. All results.

Reach out today and find out what your hunk of junk is worth!

When Should I Junk My Car?

When to junk a car is completely at your discretion, but the rule of thumb is when repair costs start to exceed the vehicle’s value. If you’re paying a year’s worth of your car payment in repairs and replacements, it may be time to consider junking your car.

When Should I Upgrade My Car?

On average, your vehicle is going to last roughly 150,000 miles. If the cost of maintaining that vehicle begins to overtake more than half of your vehicle’s current value, then it might be time to get a new one.

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