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You have a wrecked car and you need cash fast. There are a few options you can pursue reasonably but which one will get you the best offer? There are junkyards, scrapyards, wreck yards. You can also try to find a private buyer. Dealerships might also give you a trade-in deal for money or to help you with your next purchase. We are going to detail a few of these options below!

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Your Car is Broke and the Yards Want It

Wherever you live, here is a high chance you have at least one yard for junk or non-running cars within twenty-five miles of you. If you live a highly populated area then are probably many junkyards, wreck yards, and scrap yards near you. Which one might give you the best offer for your car? Typically these yards will buy your car for the value of the weight of its metal. Often they will take all of the removable parts off the car, such as the seats and doors, and crush them into blocks.

Some junk yards might pay a little extra for parts that are in good condition such as the headlights or tires. Almost all of these types of yards will have a towing fee of some sort. A common average nowadays for the towing fee is around fifty dollars. You can get a decent deal from a yard but most of the time they will only pay for the price of the metal. Of course, shopping around is always good but that might take some time to find the right one.

Private Buyer Could Be Anyone, Anywhere

Another way to sell your junk car for cash is to find a private buyer in your area. A common method to find one is through a local listing or a website such as Craigslist. A private buyer might have a multitude of reasons for buying your old clunker. Maybe they want to repair it or maybe they need it for spare parts themselves. Perhaps they have a side project they have been working on. Mayhaps they are a vigilante who needs the metal for a piece of equipment or secret base they have been working on. Either way, they are willing to pay and that’s what matters.

There could be many around the place in which you live or there could be none. That can also change very quickly with time. It could be worth the wait to try and find the perfect private buyer who gives a great offer. However, that might take months to get one that suits your needs. It’s definitely worth a try.

Dealerships Like Money

Again, this will vary on the dealership you go to in your area but, in general, dealerships are looking to get your car for a lowball amount or try to get you to do a trade-in deal. Dealerships will buy your car likely looking to repair it then re-sell it for profit. It’s a process the dealerships have worked out very efficiently. Haggling can be done but is very difficult with an experienced salesman of one of these establishments.

We Buy Junk Cars

The other option they will offer you is to have you trade-in your car to give you a discount on a car purchased at that dealership. This is a pretty common tactic dealerships have used for decades now to have a higher chance to get you to buy a vehicle from them. And hey, sometimes these trade-in deals aren’t bad at all. Especially if you like the brand of car that you had before. Why not get a later model of a solid car? If you don’t like the brand or you just don’t like the deal then looking elsewhere might be your best bet.

Online Car Removal

The final option on our list is the online car removal service, such as us, to get rid of your wrecked car for money. We have built a network of the best local buyers in your area and across the country. They way it works is you click on the “Get An Offer” button on one of our pages such as this one then fill in our online form and you will receive an offer almost instantly. You can accept or decline the offer and if you don’t like it, then that’s okay too. One of our expert car evaluators is always standing by to help.

You can always improve your offer by sending us photos via text or email. Oh, and our service is completely free! Including the towing! So go ahead and try out it!

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