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Have you been thinking of getting rid of your junk car? It’s easier than you think. There are many options for selling one and it’s possible to get a great price for it.

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However, getting it to your buyer can be tricky. Cars are heavy and old, damaged ones can be dangerous to drive around all over town. Some aren’t even able to turn on. So, how do you get your junk car off your yard?

Read below to learn about your options for getting rid of your old, non-working car.

Can I Sell My Broken Car?

Yes, it is totally possible to sell a broken car. Even unusable, damaged cars have some value and other drivers and businesses know it.

Depending on who you want to sell to or where your buyer is, it can take some time or require a lot of effort to complete the process.

How Do I Get Rid of My Junk Car?

Once you decide that it’s time to finally get rid of your clunker, your next step is to decide who you will sell it to. The junkyard is not the only place that will take an old car.

Many businesses and private buyers are also looking for junk cars to repair and resell, recycle, or even keep driving. So, you can successfully get your clunker off your lawn and get paid for it.

Who Will Pick Up My Junk Car?

Unfortunately, the party that agrees to buy your junk car might not be the same one to pick it up. Towing can be expensive, even for people with the right supplies to do so.

For this reason, it is essential to either find out if your buyer will pay for towing or come to an agreement on splitting the cost.


If you sell to a junk or salvage yard, you might be able to use their towing services. Some offer it as a complimentary service while others will charge you. And depending on how far your vehicle is located from the yard, it can cost $100 or more. This can become a great financial burden if you are visiting numerous yards looking for a good offer.

Private Buyers

Some private buyers are willing to pick up your junk car. In fact, some might work for towing companies or have towing attachments on their trucks, making it easy to pick up vehicles.

However, others might not be able or willing to pay for towing. Some might believe that it is the seller’s responsibility. You might think the exact opposite.

Thus, it will be necessary to find a buyer willing to negotiate towing. But keep in mind that most buyers are not likely to want to pay to pick up your car, especially if it’s a junk car.


Dealerships are also an option for selling damaged cars. However, they are often not the best option.

This is because of the low prices they typically offer for any kind of used car. Moreover, they are unlikely to offer towing services. The best they can do is probably refer you to towing companies that they partner with and potentially offer a discount.

Otherwise, they will most likely require you to pay for towing to the dealership by yourself.

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